Community server providers

Server groups with their own playerbase and gamemodes.
641 player(s) in-game
266 servers
trading, breakout, zombies, ctf, surfing, achievement, mario-kart, cp-orange, x10, deathrun, deathmatch, randomizer, payload-race, balloon-race, crazy, koth, versus-saxton-hale, special-delivery, attack-defend, jumping, slender, mge-mod, medieval-mode, beta-map, dodgeball, payload
498 player(s) in-game
87 servers
ctf, trading, attack-defend, deathrun, payload, versus-saxton-hale, mge-mod, surfing, achievement, randomizer, x10, cp-orange, koth, payload-race, jungle, mario-kart, breakout
203 player(s) in-game
51 servers
ctf, trading, mge-mod, versus-saxton-hale, deathrun, breakout, dodgeball, deathmatch, payload-race, mario-kart, arena, class-wars, prophunt, randomizer, x10, cp-orange, attack-defend, smash-bros, slender, surfing, jumping
167 player(s) in-game
155 servers
versus-saxton-hale, payload-race, crazy, x10, trading, cp-orange, x20, randomizer, ctf, koth, gungame, mge-mod, achievement, control-point, prophunt, uber-upgrades, tower-defense, breakout, mvm, payload, deathrun, surfing, attack-defend, class-wars, zombies, arena, stop-that-tank, slender, dodgeball
94 player(s) in-game
16 servers / Europe/NA
breakout, versus-saxton-hale, trading, achievement, crazy, payload-race, jumping, mvm
66 player(s) in-game
21 servers
trading, achievement, deathmatch, breakout, cp-orange, surfing, mario-kart, deathrun, medieval-mode
65 player(s) in-game
55 servers
crazy, randomizer, x10, payload-race, trading, medieval-mode, cp-orange, deathrun, ctf, attack-defend
49 player(s) in-game
19 servers
arena, versus-saxton-hale, dodgeball, slender, trading, mge-mod, smash-bros, prophunt, surfing, randomizer, mario-kart, x10, tf2ware, deathrun
40 player(s) in-game
17 servers
breakout, payload-race, trading, versus-saxton-hale, ctf, mge-mod, achievement, deathrun
28 player(s) in-game
63 servers / Chicago
trading, mario-kart, payload-race, cp-orange, ctf, crazy, koth, surfing, achievement
25 player(s) in-game
4 servers / Czech Republic
trading, cp-orange, mvm, x10, surfing
25 player(s) in-game
73 servers
deathrun, breakout, trading, cp-orange, x10, crazy, randomizer, payload-race, x20, mge-mod
18 player(s) in-game
16 servers
achievement, cp-orange, trading, breakout, ctf, deathrun, x10
18 player(s) in-game
18 servers
mvm, koth, stop-that-tank, payload
17 player(s) in-game
6 servers / USA - East Coast
ctf, payload, cp-orange, attack-defend, jungle
15 player(s) in-game
19 servers
mvm, x10, beta-map, tf2ware, trading, cp-orange, dodgeball, arena, randomizer, x20, control-point
14 player(s) in-game
40 servers
trading, versus-saxton-hale, achievement, ctf, cp-orange, x10, uber-upgrades, deathmatch, breakout
11 player(s) in-game
15 servers
crazy, x10, payload-race, trading, ctf, special-delivery
11 player(s) in-game
4 servers
deathmatch, mvm, attack-defend
8 player(s) in-game
5 servers
breakout, achievement, deathmatch, trading, surfing
6 player(s) in-game
17 servers
mvm, cp-orange, x10, deathrun, ctf, versus-saxton-hale, slender, payload-race, uber-upgrades, breakout, dodgeball
6 player(s) in-game
15 servers
ctf, achievement, mge-mod, control-point, trading, payload, payload-race, crazy, x10
5 player(s) in-game
4 servers / Europe
koth, control-point
4 player(s) in-game
33 servers / United States
cp-orange, idle, randomizer, arena, surfing, breakout, mario-kart, prophunt, jumping, achievement, trading, deathrun
3 player(s) in-game
11 servers / Europe
jumping, arena, surfing, tower-defense, koth, medieval-mode, mvm, trading, attack-defend
2 player(s) in-game
8 servers
smash-bros, mario-kart, versus-saxton-hale, arena, breakout, crazy, ctf, zombies, deathrun, trading
2 player(s) in-game
4 servers / US
versus-saxton-hale, arena, custom-weapons, payload, payload-race
1 player(s) in-game
11 servers
tf2ware, payload, jumping, trading, medieval-mode, smash-bros, prophunt, attack-defend, deathmatch
1 player(s) in-game
3 servers / New York, US
ctf, breakout, payload-race
0 player(s) in-game
20 servers / United Kingdom / Europe
x10, ctf, achievement
0 player(s) in-game
110 servers
koth, randomizer, cp-orange, payload-race, ctf
0 player(s) in-game
2 servers / New Zealand
0 player(s) in-game
8 servers / United States
deathmatch, control-point, mge-mod, player-destruction
0 player(s) in-game
3 servers
arena, mge-mod
0 player(s) in-game
3 servers
x10, mario-kart, dodgeball, crazy, payload-race
0 player(s) in-game
3 servers / Europe
mge-mod, stop-that-tank, payload, koth
0 player(s) in-game
3 servers / Europe
0 player(s) in-game
8 servers
cp-orange, x10, randomizer

Do you own TF2 gameservers?

You can apply at the request center. Help can be requested on the forum or in this Discord channel.