Community server providers

Server groups with their own playerbase and gamemodes.


Providing a large set of TF2 servers for trading, orange etc. Join us on discord for fun gaming even...
552 player(s) in-game
114 servers
trading, versus-saxton-hale, deathrun, payload-race, randomizer, x10, cp-orange, breakout, achievement, payload, stop-that-tank, ctf, deathmatch, dodgeball, attack-defend, surfing, koth, jumping, slenderman, mge-mod, tf2ware


Skial is a community for playing and trading TF2, Dota 2, and some other games. We have some of the ...
345 player(s) in-game
176 servers
ctf, cp-orange, versus-saxton-hale, trading, payload-race, koth, attack-defend, deathrun, achievement, payload, breakout

The United Gaming Community(UGC) is a group of individuals who love to play games have fun while doi...
299 player(s) in-game
34 servers
trading, x10, cp-orange, deathrun, payload-race, medieval-mode, ctf, attack-defend, payload


We host a massive variety of custom gamemodes ranging from Freak Fortress 2 with custom x10 stats to...
130 player(s) in-game
16 servers
Asia - EU
versus-saxton-hale, x10, slenderman, deathrun, koth, payload-race, crazy, mvm, cp-orange, dodgeball, training

Fortress of Gamers

FoG is a multi-gaming community based around Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Counter-Strike:Globa...
59 player(s) in-game
12 servers
versus-saxton-hale, breakout, jumping, payload-race, mvm, ctf, achievement, trading, cp-orange

Fire Friendly

Welcome to the Fire Friendly community! Our goal is to provide players with fun and unique servers t...
54 player(s) in-game
22 servers
versus-saxton-hale, trading, randomizer, mario-kart, dodgeball, x10, surfing, koth, tf2ware, slenderman, deathrun, prophunt

No Heroes Gaming

No Heroes is an adult-oriented videogaming community that is focused on providing an inclusive, matu...
10 player(s) in-game
6 servers
USA - East Coast
payload, attack-defend, ctf, cp-orange

Live's House of Pancakes

# Pancake Obsessed, Gaming Professionals. We're a fun and friendly community with game servers aimi...
9 player(s) in-game
53 servers
Europe ::: North America
jumping, koth, ctf, crazy, mge-mod, mvm, control-point, trading, deathrun, payload-race, achievement, payload, player-destruction, beta-map, medieval-mode, class-wars, randomizer, dodgeball, attack-defend

United As One

We stride to make everybody feel welcome. Whether you're a content creator or the average player, we...
9 player(s) in-game
10 servers
achievement, mvm, x10, cp-orange, deathrun, versus-saxton-hale, trading, deathmatch, slenderman, payload-race

0 player(s) in-game
2 servers
New Zealand
mge-mod, trading


Focused on enhancing your automated trading experience, but also providing game servers for gaming o...
0 player(s) in-game
9 servers
payload-race, player-destruction, control-point, attack-defend, ctf, trading, payload, arena, koth


A community which runs multiple gameservers with many different variations. From pure Vanilla TF2 se...
0 player(s) in-game
4 servers
beta-map, randomizer, payload, crazy, ctf

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