Ev: Blapture Co. Summer Jam

Official sponsor of Blapature Co. Summer Jam - A 24 Hour TF2 Charity Livestream in aid of Child's Play! Child's Play is a charity that provides sick children with video games. Learn more about their work here

(Latest) Event date: 28-29 July 2018
More information: Announcement page

Ev: TFConnect

Official sponsor of TFConnect - A weekend long TF2 highlander tournament to raise money for SpecialEffect. Including on stream giveaway and live game night!

(Latest) Event date: Summer 2021
More information: Fundraising page
Discord group

Ev: Rally Call

Official sponsor of Rally Call - “Rally Call is the idea that small members of the TF2 community can pull together and create something fun that will help others.”. Charity livestream in aid of International Animal Rescue.

(Latest) Event date: 13-14 June 2018
More information: Fundraising page

Ev: Super Summer Stream

Official sponsor of the Super Summer Stream. Charity livestream benefiting Child's Play charity!

(Latest) Event date: 27 June 2016
More information: Stream page

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TF2 Mapper Community, providing a platform to create, share and test community made maps.


Assisting with tools to gather insights on played maps, with feedback from UEAKCrash.

More information: Official website

TF2ber Tavern


Common discussing ground for high-level TF2 YouTubers.


Jarate Pages feedback and daily community news.

Invitation status: Invite-only