Death Ventures

Servers hosted by deathrun enthusiasts. The rotation is always being updated, and the servers are always being improved. We also do playtesting on new released maps, or deathrun maps made by the community. If you're looking for new maps to play, this is the place to play them! In addition, you may notice we are trying to expand into other gamemodes, such as Jailbreak, and even the mods Open Fortress and TF2C. Finally, we're developing our own new gamemode, Spleef. Come and try it out!


Verified official gamservers from Death Ventures.


⬛█ Death Ventures | Deathrun / Spleef █⬛
0 / 33 players

gamemode "deathrun"
region "Europe"
alltalk, arena, deathrun, dr, increased_maxplayers

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