Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my empty server not listed in community quickplay?

Because of the sheer amount of empty TF2 gameservers, we only show empty gameservers of server communities that are listed on the website. If you want to make sure your servers are always visible despite being empty, you should apply for a community provider page.

Why is my tweet not shown in the highlight section?

You need at least a 100 followers, accounts with questionable or unknown spam status are refused.

How are the competitive players counted in the statistics?

Because we scan all game-servers, we can extract a lot of valuable information, but this comes with a lot of sidenotes. For example; we cannot track players playing in the Valve Meet Your Match competitive because of some technical issues. On the other hand, we track all players in ServeMe servers, which might be used for other than comp activities.

Why is a thumbnail for a map wrong?

We try to find a thumbnail based of three sources: Steam workshop, TF2maps and Gamebana. Sometimes it's hard to find a matching map because of imporer naming (we cant find the exact map name, e.g. cp_somemap) or there exist many alterations which all look a-like. You can help us finding correct thumbnails by updating your Steam workshop/TF2maps or Gamebanana page to have the title contain the actual map name (so using cp_actual_ingame_name) to get a better match on this website.

How can I apply for a server community / YouTube Creator account?

Log in via Steam on the top right hand corner, and navigate to the Request Center.

How can I invite the Global Radio Network (GRN) Discord bot into my group?

Log in via Steam on the top right hand corner, and navigate to settings and press "Show Optional Settings".