Flux is a network of primarily European TF2 servers offering a variety of different game modes such as randomizer, saxton hale, dodgeball, and much more!

We also offer some NA servers for broader reach.

We are always encouraging new members to join us at: https://discord.gg/Du9eUhHgbx

5 player(s) in-game
11 servers / Europe, North America
x10, uber-upgrades, mvm, crazy, payload-race, mge-mod, cp-orange, ctf, zombies, breakout, attack-defend, class-wars, koth, dodgeball


Verified official gameservers from Flux.tf.


► Flux.TF EU | MVM | Uber Upgrades | Max Money ◄
4 / 10 players

gamemode "x10, uber-upgrades, mvm"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, nocrits, alltalk, 100, bomb, flux, machine, mann, multiplied, mvm, robots, vs, weapons, x100,
► Flux.TF EU | Highertower ◄
1 / 32 players
(4 bots)

gamemode "crazy, payload-race"
region "North America"
Flux, afk, alltalk, bots, drops, fast, halloween, high, higher, highertower, hightower, idle, increased_maxplayers, it, norespawntime, payload
► Flux.TF EU | MGE ◄
0 / 32 players

gamemode "mge-mod"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, alltalk, 1v1, custom, flux, instantrespawn, mge, solo, training,
► Flux.TF EU | Orange Factory | 100% Crits ◄
0 / 32 players

gamemode "cp-orange"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, norespawntime, alltalk, 100crits, cp, cp_orange_factory, custom, fast, fastrespawn, flux, gamemode, instantrespawn, o
► Flux.TF EU | 2Fort ◄
0 / 32 players

gamemode "ctf"
region "North America"
2fort, Flux, alltalk, capture, ctf, flag, fort, increased_maxplayers, instantrespawn, intel, norespawntime
► Flux.TF | Super Zombie Fortress ◄
0 / 32 players

gamemode "zombies"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, cp, nocrits, alltalk, Flux, dispenser, fortress, super, survival, vs, zombie, zombies, zsf,
► Flux.TF EU | Orange | x100 Weapons ◄
0 / 32 players

gamemode "x10, cp-orange"
region "North America"
alltalk, cp, cp_orange_remake, custom, fastrespawn, flux, gamemode, increased_maxplayers, instantrespawn, multiplied, norespawntime
► Flux.TF EU | Jailbreak ◄
0 / 32 players

gamemode "breakout"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, arena, Flux, alltalk, ba, break, custom, gamemode, jail, jailbreak, jb, prison, prisoners, warden,
► Flux.TF EU | Dustbowl | Class Wars ◄
0 / 33 players

gamemode "attack-defend, class-wars"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, norespawntime, alltalk, Flux, capture, class, classwars, control, cp, dustbowl, point, wars,
► Flux.TF EU | KOTH Highertower | x100 Weapons ◄
0 / 32 players

gamemode "koth, x10"
region "North America"
Flux, alltalk, cp, high, highertower, hightower, increased_maxplayers, norespawntime, orange, random, tower, weapons, x100
► Flux.TF | Dodgeball ◄
0 / 20 players

gamemode "dodgeball"
region "North America"
arena, alltalk, Flux, ball, custom, db, dodge, dodgeball, sounds, tfdb,

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