Fire Friendly

Welcome to the Fire Friendly community! Our goal is to provide players with fun and unique servers to play on. We're always making custom content and using it to improve the overall gaming experience for our players. We specialize in non-vanilla game modes such as: Freak Fortress, Saxton Hale, Deathrun, Prophunt, Dodgeball, Slenderman, Surf, Warioware, Smash Bros, Randomizer, X10 and Trading.

53 player(s) in-game
19 servers
slender, versus-saxton-hale, mario-kart, x10, surfing, prophunt, trading, dodgeball, tf2ware


Verified official gamservers from Fire Friendly.


-[]- |24/7 Slender Fortress #1| [Scary!]
32 / 32 players

gamemode "slender"
region "North America"
Anime, Slender, Skial, Scare, FREE, Furry, Creators, Wonder, Halloween, Pony, alltalk, friendlyfire, increased_maxplayers, respawntimes
-[]- |24/7 Freak vs Freak| [Boss vs Boss Mode]
10 / 32 players

gamemode "versus-saxton-hale"
region "North America"
alltalk, Fun, VSH, FREE, Boss, Freak, FF2, Saxton, Fortress, arena, Wonder, Hale, Pony, Furry, Creators, Anime, Skial, increased_maxplayers
-[]- |24/7 Murder Mod| [Hide & Sneak]
5 / 24 players

region "North America"
FREE, Anime, Fun, Furry, Hide, Creators, Murder, Pony, Skial, Spy, TTT, Wonder, XXX
-[]- |24/7 Zombie Riot| [Custom Mod]
3 / 12 players

region "North America"
Furry, Hale, Super, Halloween, FREE, Anime, Creators, EXP, VS, Skial, Roleplay, Pony, RPG, Wonder, alltalk, norespawntime
-[]- |24/7 MarioKart X10| [Weapon Power X10]
2 / 32 players

gamemode "mario-kart, x10"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, cp, nocrits, alltalk, gravity, Creators, Anime, FREE, Mario, MarioKart, Random, Pony, RTD, X10, Furry, Skial, Wonder, XXX
-[]- |24/7 Surf| [Skill Maps]
1 / 32 players

gamemode "surfing"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, nocrits, alltalk, Custom, Creators, Anime, FREE, Pony, Fun, Furry, RTD, Skial, Skill, Surf, Wonder, XXX, respawntimes
-[]- |24/7 PropHunt| [Hide & Seek]
0 / 32 players

gamemode "prophunt"
region "North America"
gravity, Hide, alltalk, Creators, PropHunt, FREE, Pony, Fun, Furry, increased_maxplayers, arena, XXX, PH, Prop, Anime, Skial, Wonder, nocrits
-[]- |24/7 Idle/Trade #1| [MGE !duel]
0 / 32 players

gamemode "trading"
region "North America"
increased_maxplayers, cp, respawntimes, alltalk, FREE, Furry, Pony, Idle, Anime, MGE, RTD, Admin, Creators, Skial, Trade, Wonder
-[]- |24/7 Freak Fortress #1| [Amp/Crits/RTD]
0 / 32 players

gamemode "versus-saxton-hale"
region "North America"
Fortress, alltalk, Fun, VSH, FREE, Boss, Freak, FF2, Saxton, arena, Wonder, Hale, Pony, Furry, Creators, Anime, Skial, increased_maxplayers
-[]- |24/7 Dodgeball| [Airblast Fun!]
0 / 24 players
(1 bots)

gamemode "dodgeball"
region "North America"
Furry, Wonder, Unusual, FREE, Air, Custom, Dodge, Ball, FastDL, Dodgeball, Fun, XX, HHH, DB, Creators, Anime, Pony, RTD, Skial, alltalk, arena, bots
-[]- |24/7 Warioware/TF2Ware| [Updated!]
0 / 24 players

gamemode "tf2ware"
region "North America"
Mario, Wonder, Creators, Anime, Custom, FREE, Fun, Furry, FastDL, XXX, Wario, Random, Pony, RTD, Warioware, WW, Skial, alltalk, friendlyfire

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