A radical alternative to other old dogeball servers with good balance betweeen fun palyability and competetive gameplay, with smooth, controllable, yet complex semi-wave all dimensions physics, and good fair rank system. Also server serves free fast to earn items.

More info at server's website https://swagville.ru/about/


Verified official gamservers from >====SwagVille=Dodgeball====<.


>====SwagVillE=Dodgeball(#1)====< [FREE ITEMS]
0 / 22 players
(1 bots)

gamemode "dodgeball"
region "Europe"
alltalk, arena, birthday, bots, cancer, db, dmgspread, dodge, dodgeball, friendlyfire, fucktheadmins, gokusuxdicx, jetpack, no, norespawntime

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