We aren't just some cookie-cutter server! (Actually... we do have cookies...) We're also ad-free, and have Touhou.

Most of our plugins and modifications are hand-crafted or specially modified by Chdata himself. (Or recreated by Chdata at least).

That's not without major help and inspiration from my friends and communities I look up to, including the Sourcemod community, Lethal Zone, Red Sun, the old TouhouHale community, Korean Touhou Hale, Saxton Hell, Assyrian's Versus Saxton Hale, Glubbable, FlaminSarge, Mecha the Slag, Friagram, Sarysa, Starblaster64, Vincentor, Omi-box, Pigpig, and the members of the TF2Data community themselves!

We focus on a strong player-to-developer relationship and at times implement requests minutes after they're made.

Everyone is welcome to join our Discord and chat with us. Except not everyone. If you're a jerk then you're not welcome. Go away.

0 player(s) in-game
4 servers / US
versus-saxton-hale, payload, custom-weapons


Verified official gameservers from TF2Data.


TF2Data | Chdata's VS Saxton Hale | [US/Chicago]
0 / 30 players

gamemode "versus-saxton-hale"
region "North America"
alltalk, arena, chdata, data, hale, increased_maxplayers, nocrits, saxton, tf2data, touhou, undertale, vsh
TF2Data | Chdata's Sniper-Only Pub | [US/Chicago]
0 / 18 players

region "North America"
norespawntime, nocrits, alltalk, chdata, darwin, data, no, nocap, nodarwin, only, sniper, sniperonly, snipers, snp, svs, tf2data
TF2Data | Chdata's Custom Weapons Data | [US-Chicago]
0 / 24 players

gamemode "payload, custom-weapons"
region "North America"
payload, nocrits, alltalk, #RemoveRandomCrits, chdata, custom, cw2, data, overwatch, tf2data, weapons

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You can apply at the request center. Help can be requested on the forum or in this Discord channel.