Red Sun Over Paradise

Red Sun Over Paradise is a Team Fortress 2 community which hosts a custom server shop and player inventory. We run zero ads and supply a unique experience you have never seen elsewhere.

We have various items on our server shop including high quality player skins, one-time-use coins, passive items, chat extras, taunt effects and much more with currency earned by just playing on the server.


Verified official gamservers from Red Sun Over Paradise.

Preferences | Raiden [EU] | Gamemode Madness EU
31 / 32 players

gamemode "deathrun" (multi-mode)
region "Europe"
increased_maxplayers, arena, alltalk, gamemode, gamemode madness, multimod, multimode, red sun, redsun, | Ocelot [US-E] | 24/7 Combat Surf
0 / 16 players

gamemode "surfing"
region "North America"
alltalk, combat, combat surf, combatsurf, gamemode, red sun, red sun over paradise, redsun,, ski, skill, skill surf | Armstrong [US-E] | Gamemode Madness US
0 / 32 players

gamemode "koth" (multi-mode)
region "North America"
alltalk, cp, gamemode, gamemode madness, increased_maxplayers, multimod, multimode, red sun, red sun over paradise, redsun,

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