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1 week ago
Hello, everyone!

The TF2Maps Blog is a new, slightly experimental project which we would like to use to improve our interaction with the community. We (the TF2M Team) want to share more about what is going on, what we are working on, our thoughts on the community as a whole, and whatever else we can think of.

Why A Blog?​
For those of you who have not lived through the Forum Age of the internet and are confused what this even...

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Read the full article. Winter 2024 is here! TeamFortress Blog
1 week ago

poland24_small.jpg?t=1496190994 (Image credit: Ness 'uberchain' Delacroix)

DzieÅ dobry from Poland!

With temperatures close to freezing, the temptation is high to stay inside and enjoy a hot cup of tea while wrapped in a cosy blanket â but low temperatures will not discourage Europeâs top Team Fortress 2 teams from competing at 2024 in Åódź, Poland!

The 6v6 tournament will feature 16 teams playing at BaseStack, bringing the European TF2 community together and warming playersâ and spectatorsâ hearts everywhere when they clash in the server. Itâs time to find out which team will rise to the top and claim both the coveted medals and the right to call themselves the best in Europe.

The LAN will take place from Friday, February 23rd to Sunday, February 25th starting at 3 pm CET (9 am EST | 6 am PST) on each day. You can follow the action by tuning into EssentialsTFâs live coverage on Twitch.

For more information visit the eventâs Toornament page!

DziÄkujÄ, and see you soon!

Torchlight Tango Tournament TeamFortress Blog
3 weeks ago

torchlight_small.png?t=1496190994 (Image credit: SFM - kevin supermarket, Typesetting/Compositing/Logo/Paintover - Requim, Feedback - agrastiOs, YLR, trashbin)

In a winter wonderland, there's no better way to stay warm than a comfy seat by the fire and a mug of cocoa at your side. At Mann Co., the fire in question just so happens to be the entire lobby of HQ.

Certainly not months overdue, it's the newest Fortress Faceoffs event! Featuring the Pyro! Pyro has been sent away on a "holiday vacation" of sorts after being sent to clear out the company parking lot and getting a little too carried away. As a result, Fortress Faceoffs has taken it upon themselves to sort out a new mission for the little trailblazing traveler!

Teams of five will be tasked with putting an end to the dreadful desolation of winter. With some of the newest equipment in the arsonist's arsenal, including a custom-made pair of running shoes, you must make yourself known as King of the Hill and Hater of All That Is Snow in the most heated happening since the Phlogistinator! Explore scenic resorts and beachsides as you ponder life's deepest questions, such as "Is the life of a mercenary really for me?" or "Hang on, when did I turn into a pile of ash?"

Sign up today to get your first-class seats on the only vacation you might ever get! The games begin on February 23rd @ 11:59 PM / 23:59 BST for all regions and will continue for roughly 2 weeks, though you do NOT have to actively participate this long! The top 8 teams will have their talent shown off live, showing that grubby groundhog who really decides when winter ends!

For more information about event rules, prizes, and more, join the Fortress Faceoffs Discord and remember to wipe your shoes off at the doormat!

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