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Verified official gamservers from Wonderland.TF.


★ wonderland.tf | Trade ▬ FREE ITEMS! ██████�
5 / 32 players

gamemode "trading"
region "Europe"
!givemeall, alltalk, backpack, banana, freeitems, freeitems, gamemode, idle, idling, increased_maxplayers, nocrits, norespaw, norespawntime
★ wonderland.tf | Idle Engineer ▬ FREE ITEMS! ████
4 / 32 players

gamemode "achievement"
region "Europe"
achievement, alltalk, ctf, engineer, eu, fastdl, freeitems, giveitems, givemeall, halloween, idle, idling, inc, increa, increased_maxplayers
★ wonderland.tf | Idle Box ▬ FREE ITEMS! █████
1 / 32 players

gamemode "achievement"
region "Europe"
achiev, achievements, alltalk, ctf, eu, fast, fastdrops, freeitems, fun, giveitems, givemeall, idle, increased_maxplayers, noc, norespawntime

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