The Hostmeister

The Hostmeister is a community dedicated to hosting quality servers on source games. These servers were found to provide a fair and free environment to enjoy our favorite titles. Our goal is to provide a great vanilla+ experience on our servers. Our Team Fortress 2 server has custom taunts, maps, fixed bullet spread, the tickrate is 125, and many fun plugins. If you're interested in a great vanilla+ experience on tf2, consider joining our tf2 server.


Verified official gameservers from The Hostmeister.


The Hostmeister | Team Fortress 2 [100 Tick]
0 / 24 players

gamemode "koth"
region "North America"
cp, alltalk, !taunts, customtaunts, !zombie, !robot, !thirdperson, fixedspread, 125tickrate, !rtv, custommaps, sv_pure_-1, thehostmeister, H

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