You want to play some casual games, without cheaters and lagbots? You think random crits are plain out annoying? You want to play some non standard community maps/gamemodes and use some of your mods and customizations ingame again? Then we are happy to announce one of our recent projects!

We provide:

  • Server location in Düsseldorf, Germany
  • No random crits/random bullet spread
  • Proper votes (!nominate, !rtv etc.)
  • 133 Tickrate on DM and MGE
  • Live game statistics (Click Me!)
  • SourceBans++ (Report a Player)

New and experienced players are welcome!

For events, notifications or updates, you can visit our Steam-Group and/or follow the w0wBrigrade Twitter account.

Server updates are automatically installed every Monday and Thursday at 6:30am CEST


Verified official gamservers from w0wBrigade.


w0wBrigade №2 MGE Training [All Classes]
1 / 20 players

gamemode "mge-mod"
region "Europe"
alltalk, HLstatsX:CE, mge, nocrits
w0wBrigade №3 MGE [ChillyMGE | 133 Tickrate]
0 / 20 players

gamemode "mge-mod"
region "Europe"
alltalk, 133tickrate, HLstatsX:CE, mge, nocrits
w0wBrigade №1 DM [Random Spawns | 133 Tickrate]
0 / 8 players

gamemode "deathmatch"
region "Europe"
DM, FragLimit, HLstatsX:CE, TeamDeathmatch, alltalk, nocrits

Do you own TF2 gameservers?

You can apply at the request center. Help can be requested on the forum or in this Discord channel.