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The KritzKast has been creating podcasts since the dawn of TF2. Every week they interview key members of the TF2 community, which you can listen on their livestream or on their website.

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MCM London Comic Con - TF2 at last!
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(07:36) (7 years ago)
MCM London Comic Con - TF2 at last!
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(00:48) (10 years ago)
KritzKast: Meet the Demoman Uncensored Competition

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This is KritzKast

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Video collaborations


Worked together with these TF2 YouTubers to create a video.
Composer and Sound Designer. Plays TF2 (poorly)
King Raja speaking.. I play games and show them to my YouTub...
b4nny, pro TF2 player and leader of team Froyotech. Here you...
A filthy casual Demoman gamer
I'm a competitive Scout main who also plays Soldier and Snip...
What is up, nerds? I'm Crash. I make TF2 maps. You might kno...
Competitive TF2 player, streamer, caster, trader and collect...
My name is ArraySeven and I was bored of TF2. So, I invented...
TF2 video gamer. I own 50+ pairs of socks.
British lady who does art/animation videos & the occasional ...
Hey there guys, my name's Skymin and be prepared to see many...
Like muselk, but worse.
Makes v a r i o u s things
Home of Spot the Hacker and other cynical videos <3
My name is Casperr and with over 3.5k hours in Team Fortress...
Hello! My name is Aar, and I play and explain various compon...
I make one video a year. That's about it.
I am a newer guy out there, who wants to make people learn, ...
i'm a small tf2 youtube channel who is the world record hold...
I make videos about Team Fortress 2.... Well, that's all I h...
Frag movies + some videos where I pretend to be funny


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