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I’m Dave aka Toofty and I've been making TF2 videos for 4 years. I’m a designer by trade and I work in London. In my spare time I enjoy streaming and making epic gamer videos. My favourite EVER games are HL2, DK2 and TF2. I have a thing for sequels apparently!

My love for video games started with the Amiga 500 which my brothers got one Christmas. I would play on this whenever I had the chance and get lost in games such as Monkey Island, Lemmings, Canon Fodder and loads more. My love for video games grew when I would sneak into my brothers rooms to play on their N64 and Playstation. Here I would be blown away by the likes of Goldeneye, Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot. My love for video games was fully realised when I got my own PC and started buying every game I could gather my pennies for. This is when I found some of my all time favourite games such as Half Life, Dungeon Keeper and eventually TF2. A few years ago I started making videos about some of my gaming experience and I've now I'm pretty much addicted! I love sharing my gaming moments I and interacting with you guys. Your feedback and support is a huge inspiration!

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