Composer and Sound Designer. Plays TF2 (poorly)
Casual Texas, United States English language 2y 3m Heavy


The sound guy.

Unusuals ~244 keys in total


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Worked together with these TF2 YouTubers to create a video.
TF2 - Edited montages, awesome moments, update videos, songs...
TF2 video gamer. I own 50+ pairs of socks.
Like muselk, but worse.
yeet level high
Your friendly neighbourhood scientist TF2ber Teemo!
Luckiest TF2 Player on youtube!
Team Fortress 2 videos documenting the popular YouTuber: Jig...
Hello! I am a student, who in his spare time is also a TF2 P...
Not your everyday schmuck
I like to think I'm funny.
Fuck why isn't TF2 a dead game
British lady who does art/animation videos & the occasional ...
I don't post a lot, but when I do post I generally put a lot...
english man who plays spy in prem
watch me get mad at video games


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