i'm a small tf2 youtube channel who is the world record holder of owning the most jarates in the world
Casual Denmark English language 4y 0m



Unusuals ~336 keys in total


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Videos made 97 videos
TF2 videos made 76 videos (78% of all videos)
TF2 views 734,541 views (63% of all views)
TF2 comments 6,140 comments
Subscribers 6,330 subscribers
+910 in last 6 months

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What 1000 Jarates Looks Like
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What 1000 Jarates Looks Like
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(02:49) (2 years ago)
Heavy on drugs

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I make sub-par videos about TF2.
I make Videoz
I like to think I'm funny.
Funny Original Gaming Content, With A Knack For Capitalizing...
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I am a casual Spy main who thrives off of Jazz and Swing. I ...
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A self-proclaimed protector of the pubbers.
tf2 and community videos.
I am a Irish TF2 Youtube channel. I make heavily editied com...
I post speedpaints, highlight reels/"frag movies," and somet...
TF2 - Edited montages, awesome moments, update videos, songs...
Weapon/Cosmetic Reviews, How-To's, Update Discussions, Engi...
I make videos related to community topics, and funni moments...
Heavy main funny moments guy.
I make videos about Team Fortress 2.... Well, that's all I h...


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