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3 months ago

We're proud to announce that the master of imps, @Void has been brought on officially as a staff member here at TF2Maps! Void has been running a ton of tests for us, and has more than proven his dedication to TF2, TF2Maps, and content creation in general. Void has been a long time member of the TF2 community, and has had his hands in all sorts of our history. From the Construction Pack, to Frontline! We look forward to having him be officially part of the team!


New staff! And a promotion!


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New website!
3 months ago

Welcome to the new website! This revamp is done in about two months in my free time. I will probably keep updating bit by bit, so feedback is always welcome. In the last week I've heavily optimised the website's performance to keep the costs down, so some strange quirks might occur.

Some things that might interest you

To create the current quickplay, the website needs information about TF2 gameservers. I've created a multi-threaded python scanner that scans and stores all information it can gather of TF2 gameservers. The second stage is analyzing this gathered data, and processing it for the website (quickplay/worldmap etc.). This processing is only done over non-empty gameservers, because it would take too long and too much performance to analyze all servers every 10 minutes. This set interval of 10 minutes is because of financial decisions I had to take. If funding succeeds, I will run this on a dedicated server which can reduce it to 5 minutes with no problems.

Another interesting thing to know, is the difference between Valve and Community servers in the statistics. Valve servers include both casual and MatchMaking (the Valve kind). The Valve MM is not taken into account in the competitive statistics, because almost no-one uses it and there is no way to clearly distinguish the MM servers from normal casual one's. Community servers are both referred as "community competitive" (because the servers are hosted by TF2 community members) and the community servers most of you know as the big clusterfuck of gamemodes.

SFM commissions

Do you like making SFM posters? We are still looking for commissions to create backdrops for the current quickplay gamemodes! The SFM should be made in such a way that it's obvious which gamemode it represents. The SFM should take into account that there will be text overlapping the image. Contact us via Discord if you want to do a commission.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released TeamFortress Patches
3 months ago

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Internal updates to support future development

One month between updates is kinda a long time but that’s nothing when you’re a wizard, Harry. Speaking of wizards, Lunar Scythe joins us for the podcast this week. Also on the show: Duffy’s IRL Longwave 556pm completes 7 days PC Guia’s ‘5 Best Free-to-play’ Artvader’s TF2 voice lines Rap Battle

3 months ago

We answer all the big questions here on the show, like what is a loris and how do I catch my own? Actually, best not to since that’s probably illegal in most states. They are cute and cuddly and loris probably doesn’t want to be captured and forced to live in a small bucket under the stairs; kept in darkenss for nine months of the year and told to wear […]


Did you know that TF2 is releasing a soundtrack of all its pulse-pounding, brain-exploding, bowel-evacuating songs to kill people to? Well now you do! Ipecac Recordings is releasing our best (and only) soundtrack, complete with 29 songs, new images, and a ton of easter eggs. Preorder the CD and LP today! Or preorder digitally at iTunes and Amazon.

TFCL Ultiduo Season 2 TeamFortress Blog
3 months ago


TFCL is announcing their second season of Ultiduo! This time they're boasting a bigger and better prize pool, participation medals, TFTV casting and more!

The first match is scheduled for March 25th. This season will be comprised of 8 regular matches, for a total length of 4 weeks. There will also be a special weekend playoff event on April 22nd and 23rd. Registration is open now! For instructions on how to register and more info, check out their annoucement page here.

There’s a new version of TF2 that’s just hit beta. It features all old levels, the original characters, completely unchanged gameplay and weapons from what you can play now. And somehow we’re all really rather pleased about this. Jill is looking for beta testers Gabe Newell interview on VNN Rally Call 2017 TFTV Map Cups Mapchamp by Interview with Mappers by TFTV TF2 lego Concept 2017 Winter 72hr TF2 […]

The magnificent twitch streamer Jewlander returns to furnish us with his wisdom. Which is lovely because he notices things other people take forever to see, then he kills those people before his disguise is blown. Admittedly there was a lot to see since Valentine’s day had Valve drop a massive love heart on the TF2 fandom by way of a massive pack of updates. Also, there is music coming to […]

At the top of the community quick-play overview there is a search option, for you to quickly find a gamemode, map or servers.

But did you also know that you can specify what you want to search for? Try for example this:

gamemode <gamemode> e.g.: gamemode ctf
map <map_name> e.g.: map ctf_2fort
server <server_name> e.g.: server fight club
community <community_name> e.g.: community skial

This will specifically query only gamemodes/maps or servers depending on what you started your search with! Note that you cannot search through servers/maps that have no players on them at the moment. Due to budget/process contraints we cannot include all servers. Check this graph for context.

In case you have any other suggestions to put in the search, I'd love to hear it!