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Highlander Charity Cup 2024 TeamFortress Blog
3 months ago


Rally round and come watch the Highlander Charity Cup! Stephen "Miggy" Chavez was a competitive TF2 player who passed away from Melanoma in 2017. Created to honor Miggy's memory, the Miggy's Gift foundation is a charity committed to the awareness and education of Melanoma skin cancer.

Featuring some of the best North American Competitive TF2 players, four captains will create a team of nine players each and duel it out in a four team double elimination bracket with $200 in keys on the line (with a potential prize pool increase).

Click here for more information! Tune in and support a great cause!

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CLTF2 Season 4 TeamFortress Blog
4 months ago

cltf2_2024_small.png?t=1496190994 (Image credit: MetalCloud)

Get ready for Season 4 of CustomLander TF2! This season they'll be running 4v4 and awarding in-game medals!

Sign-ups for the tournament will start on March 16th and run through March 27th. The season starts on March 30th. You can sign up on the CLTF2 website or visit their Discord server for more information.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to have some 4v4 fun with friends!