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1 month ago

Woolen is a lovely person who I completely forgot I had met before at I regret forgetting him and a dubiously large number of other things. Also on the show: Woolen – YouTube / Steam / Twitch / UGC Plat / Comp vs YT Proposed changes to case system Funkoâs blog Tip of the hats

1 month ago


Prepare yourself, the UGC League Fall Season is about to start! Come join the thousands of players that played last season for some competitive TF2 action! The first week of matches starts September 6th for 6v6, September 8th for 4v4 and September 11th for Highlander.

UGC has divisions across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. Players from any of these regions are encouraged to sign-up and join the fun! (Remember, September 19th is the last day that teams can sign up.) Visit the UGC website for more information.

Newest member of TFCrew, Sir Stanger – the old rogue – joins our crew for his first taste of podcast life. Lets see if he lives up to his spy pseudonym. Also on this week’s show: Sir Stanger | YouTube August 2nd 2017 Update Blapature summer jam raised some money in 24 hours TF2 maps the summer 2017 72 hour Jam Arms Race III – voting REKT Trailer Prolander Grand Finals TeamFortress Blog
2 months ago


The Grand Finals are finally here for the Pick/Ban Prolander league hosted by Froyotech will take on dK in this final match of the season where they will be fighting it out for their share of the $4,000 prize pool. These teams met in the first week of the season on Badwater with Froyotech coming out on top, but now dK has switched up their roster and are looking stronger than ever. Find out which of these teams will come out on top this Sunday night at 9pm Eastern on

Starting today, there will be a few changes in the current organisation:

  • Casperr (@casperrtf2) will be joining our team to help work further on the website.
  • Makamoto (or in short: Maka) (the founder, formally known as the official TF2teamwork twitter account) will now start using his own private accounts. Twitter: @TheMakamoto Discord: Makamoto#1491
  • NyanZak, Casperr and Makamoto now all have access to the TF2Teamwork twitter.

Check out all the staff on the About page

2 months ago

My lurching attempt to revitalise our YouTube channel brought with it the realisation that creating a video-a-week after editing a podcast-a-week is a lot of additional work. So I did the traditional YouTube thing; I just stopped, and didn’t tell anyone. That’s a really lousy *out* and has weighed heavy on my mind ever since. Up steps former KritzKast audio editor Micah,  (fresh from editing Podcast76 the Overwatch podcast) looking […]


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2 months ago

I have found a kindred spirit. Another old git who remembers the good old days of Team Fortress, Quake and Wolfenstein from the first time around.  His name is MrPaladin and he does the best darn impression of a cassette audio tape being fast forwarded you’ll ever hear. Community sites updating: version 1.4.0 version 1.2 unlisted MvM lobby is closing Mr Paladin’s Links: Discord | Website | Steam Group | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter Blapature 24hour […]

Team Fortress 2 Update Released TeamFortress Patches
2 months ago

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed players being unable to shoot or heal during pre-round freeze time
  • Updated the localization files

Team Fortress 2 Update Released TeamFortress Patches
2 months ago

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a server crash related to sentry rockets in Mannpower mode

Team Fortress 2 Update Released TeamFortress Patches
2 months ago

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added AsiaFortress Cup Season 11 tournament medals
  • Added the Chapelaria Ultiduo Season 1 tournament medals
  • Added the TFCL 6v6 Alpha and Season 2 tournament medals
  • Added the TFCL Ultiduo Alpha, Season 2, and Season 3 tournament medals
  • Added the Blapature Co. Contributor 2017 community event medal
  • Added the TF2Maps 72hr TF2Jam Summer Participant 2017 community medal
  • Fixed a server crash related to vote-kick
  • Fixed a client crash related to previewing bundles in the Mann Co. Store
  • Fixed being able to accept a duel request during the round-end bonus time
  • Fixed rockets fired by Halloween bosses not displaying particle effects if Halloween is not active (community request)
  • Strange Soda Poppers can now accept Critical Kills strange parts
  • Updated the localization files
  • Mannpower update
    • All-class
      • Players can no longer taunt when grappled to an enemy (you can still taunt if an enemy has grappled to you)
      • Players can no longer grapple while frozen before a round starts or while stunned
      • Fixed not equipping the grapple when accepting the prompt about equipping it
    • Engineer
      • Halved the number of wrench hits needed to upgrade buildings
    • Pyro
      • Reduced grapple movement speed when hooked into another player because of their advantage in close quarters
      • Reduced the rate of rage gain when carrying a powerup
    • Agility
      • Reduced grapple movement speed bonus when carrying the intelligence
    • Knockout
      • Reduced melee damage bonus
      • Updated health bonus per class
        • Spy, Sniper, Engineer, Scout, and Heavy increased
        • Medic, Soldier, and Demoman unchanged
        • Pyro and Demoknight decreased
    • Precision
      • Removed radius damage falloff on explosive projectiles
      • Removed self-blast damage
    • Resistance and Vampire
      • Added immunity to reflect damage

Blapature Co. Summer Jam! TeamFortress Blog
2 months ago


The Blapature Co. Summer Jam is a 24 Hour Team Fortress 2 charity livestream, featuring a host of personalities from the TF community. Their previous charity livestream raised over $800 for Child's Play, and their work with Rally Call has raised over £4000 for International Animal Rescue. This past weekend, Blapature Co. supported Child's Play again, with a donation target of $2000, which they have absolutely blown away! But don't worry if you missed it! There's still time to donate and show your support. Click here to do just that and here to check out Blapature Co.'s Twitch channel.

2 months ago

I have no mouth yet I must burn. Or not, as the case may be. Also on the show: Update on the OneUpSecurity fix from June AstroPilot’s “Characters holding pizza” 3D print by created by Mylakovich and gold leafed by by 3DexklusivDruck Insomnia 61 fundraisers for HighPander and SVIFT Blapature Co. SummerJam

New Server Mods! TF2Maps news
2 months ago

As some of you may have already noticed, we've knighted a few more Server Mods on the site.

Between their diligence, mettle, and dedication to the community, we're honored to welcome aboard @fuzzymellow , @Another Bad Pun , and @14bit as the newest Server Mods for the TF2M community!

These few, also joining the Silver Stars among the Steam Chat, have shown time and time again what they're capable of positively providing for this...

New Server Mods!


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2 months ago

It took a while, but we're back with a new website! This update involves around both the functionality aspect as well as the organisation behind the scenes.

New functions

  • The "Yellow Pages of TF2 " returned in the form of "Jarate Pages":
    • Explore and watch videos from all kind of TF2 YouTube Creators.
    • Integration with competitive medals and unusuals.
    • Gameserver support (creators can add their own server to their profile).
  • Updated Community Quickplay:
    • SourceCBL and Roll The Dice integration (indication flags).
    • Searching for a specific map, will now also show related maps that are being played on.
    • Overall style update.
  • Released map-statistics:
    • The website tracks all maps that are running on gameservers (empty/full/Valve/Community gameservers: everything).
    • View aggregated information about ALL maps on the website (Reviewed by UEAKCrash).
  • News
    • Increased polling rate, news will be added faster.
    • Announcing Global Radio Network: A discord bot which automatically posts based on your settings (can be found in your user settings).
    • Added: SourceCBL and Valve News Network to the news section.
  • Updated Credits page to include all the artist/SFMers that worked on the website.

Organisational changes

  • NyanZak will join our team as "Community Manager", to help us accomodate the extra organisational challenges ahead.
  • Updated Patreon goals / tiers to reflect future projects/goals.
  • We will also start representing the casual and community side of TF2 towards Valve, communicating feedback towards Valve on regular intervals. We already had regular contact moments to discuss the current server browser and community side of TF2. Valve employees now seem to visit our website (quickplay/statistics) on a regular basis.
  • More extensive affilitions with websites such as SourceCBL and user groups such as "The Uprising YouTubers" to stimulate the community.

Future plans

  • Improve Community Quickplay - We received a lot of usefull feedback on what can be done better. We will start incorporating those changes.
  • Proof of Concept projects such as "Story Mode" and "Meet Your Map". More information will follow soon (Valve time might apply here).

Any feedback is welcome! But just like Valve we need to prioritize certain things due to lack of time. If you like our work, don't forget to chip in a few bucks over on Patreon to support our cause!