I make videos sometimes
Casual United States English language 4y 10m Scout


I'm not good at the game so I make videos that make it seem like I'm good.

Unusuals ~80 keys in total


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(04:54) (1 year ago)
TF2 Rewind 2018
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[TF2] Pyro is a Fun Class
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[TF2] aye.mp4

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Borderlands 2 is Fun

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bad youtuber guy hahahaha
I do old school commentaries less focused on video gimmicks....
I make TF2 shitposts and other edited videos.
Look buddy, I'm TFG
Hello! My name is Aar, and I play and explain various compon...
Headshotting Madman with an even Madder Mind
tf2 and community videos.
Weapon/Cosmetic Reviews, How-To's, Update Discussions, Engi...
Hey guys, I'm Spectrum a YouTuber that loves to play Team Fo...
Long time TF2 player, content creator and I try to help out ...


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