This Fucking Guy

Look buddy, I'm TFG
Casual Oregon, United states English language 1y 6m Engineer


I've managed to create the only dedicated TF2 Animated talk show and keep it running.

Unusuals ~11 keys in total


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Goodbye minty coffee
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TF2 - Neon Panic Attack
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Revewing Every Miss Pauling Hat

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I make sub-par videos about TF2.
bad youtuber guy hahahaha
Weapon/Cosmetic Reviews, How-To's, Update Discussions, Engi...
tf2 and community videos.
Eagerly Eccentric and Bombastic
I do old school commentaries less focused on video gimmicks....
Tips and tricks ! Team Fortress 2 channel for learning and...
That one Tf2uber with the weird ass sonic-oc looking thing
Hey, my name is Brandon and I make meme funny haha videos.
Nothing makes me special, I'm just like everyone else that p...


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1 Year On Youtube!