I make TF2 shitposts and other edited videos.
Casual Florida English language 3y 8m Pyro


Really started to pick up on editing, and I usually enjoy helping people out if there's not much of a hassle- so here I am making short edited clips to fill in that gap of random strange but edited content people may like to watch ;]

Unusuals ~90 keys in total


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(08:07) (9 months ago)
Why Vac Doesn’t Work In TF2.
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(08:07) (9 months ago)
Why Vac Doesn’t Work In TF2.
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(10:21) (2 years ago)
Class Stacking In Memes Vs Machines

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(08:10) (4 months ago)
The Worst Pyro Melee In TF2

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