Hey guys, I'm Spectrum a YouTuber that loves to play Team Fortress 2I have a second channel that has nothing to do with TF2 but ha...
Casual Calgary, Alberta, Canada English language 3y 11m Engineer


MEME IS GOD, MEMES IS LIFE and fruit loops

Unusuals ~4 keys in total


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TF2 Multiplied by 20!! THIS GAMEMODE IS INSANE!
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TF2 Multiplied By 50!! | This is Too Far, This Should NOT Exist!
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Its Not Unusual To Own An Unusual [Taunt Showcase]

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Spectrum TF Dead?!

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No. 1 Place for unboxings and bad animations
I play and record games for the craic! It's an Irish thing.
TF2 is a pretty cool game!
Hey Peeps! Welcome to my channel! I hope you enjoy my videos...


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