Jungle themed maps

Collection of the upcoming maps from the Jungle Inferno update


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Casual TF2ing
4 / 24 players

gamemode "jungle, payload"
region "Europe"
alltalk, nocrits, payload, replays
[HG] King of the Hill (KOTH) | fixed_weaponspreads | GameME
1 / 32 players
(11 bots)

gamemode "jungle, koth"
region "North America"
bots, HG, cp, alltalk, fastrespawn, HLstatsX, fixedweaponspreads, ga, fun, gameme, hellsgamers, hg, increased_maxplayers, koth, nocrits, stats
[NO HEROES] Mercenary Park | FAST | US-EAST | No Ads Ever.
0 / 32 players

gamemode "jungle, attack-defend"
region "North America"
HLstatsX:CE, cp, increased_maxplayers, noquickplay, norespawntime, respawntimes