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Uber Upgrade

Uber Upgrades is a custom Tf2 mod that allows players to manipulate tf2 attributes to create "builds" with classes and test the limits of the games source code.
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Uber Upgrade (Official is currently defunct) is a community made mod that allows people to purchase "upgrades" in the form of attributes such as max health increase or damage increase. You can use these upgrades to then make builds to challenge other players or face off against custom MVM servers. There are various servers that still run UU ever since the official devs have given up on the gamemode.

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► Flux.TF EU | MVM | Uber Upgrades | Max Money ◄
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gamemode "x10, mvm, uber-upgrades"
region "North America"
100, alltalk, bomb, flux, machine, mann, multiplied, mvm, nocrits, robots, vs, weapons, x100