I make sub-par videos about TF2.
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I make sub-par videos about TF2 that somehow got me 20,000+ subscribers on YouTube.

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Videos made 98 videos
TF2 videos made 97 videos (99% of all videos)
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Most liked TF2 video:
(10:20) (11 months ago)
TF2: x-1 All Weapon Stats REVERSED! (feat. Darty)
Most disliked TF2 video:
(06:04) (2 years ago)
TF2 Class Main Stereotypes
First known TF2 video:
(07:37) (3 years ago)
TF2 | Lost Episode Montage

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bad youtuber guy hahahaha
Weapon/Cosmetic Reviews, How-To's, Update Discussions, Engi...
Hey! Welcome to my profile!
I'm just a casual Pyro main who likes to make dumb content
A Heavy main YouTuber and overall nerd.
I am a newer guy out there, who wants to make people learn, ...
Hey there! My name is Zova, and i make mostly TF2 related vi...
Just some person who tries to make people happy


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