SouthernCross Gaming

We're a family of furries that run servers and events for other furries as well as anyone in between! Don't let our name fool you, we're not a Christian group, we're named after the Southern star (Crux) constellation! Why? Attracts less trolls and ... the owner is a Crux. We run game servers for all sorts of games, either hosted by us directly or some very smart and trustworthy others.

0 player(s) in-game
5 servers / United States
tf2ware, mvm, control-point, jungle, payload-race, training


Verified official gamservers from SouthernCross Gaming.


{SCG} Strawberry -> 24/7 Tf2Ware | Furry
0 / 24 players

gamemode "tf2ware"
region "North America"
cross, eventmix, ff2, fortress, furries, furry, gaming, slender, southern, vsh
{SCG} Front Line Fudge -> 24/7 MvM | Furry
0 / 10 players

gamemode "mvm"
region "North America"
nogifts, mvm, respawntimes, alltalk, SouthernCrossGaming, betherobot, fur, furry, scg
{SCG} Rainbow Swirl -> Multi Mod | Furry
0 / 24 players

gamemode "control-point" (multi-mode)
region "North America"
alltalk, cp, cross, furries, furry, gaming, misc, multimod, nocrits, noquickplay, replays, southern, st, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp
{SCG} Chocolate -> Stock modes | Furry
0 / 24 players

gamemode "jungle, payload-race"
region "North America"
alltalk, cross, eventmix, furries, furry, gaming, multiplay, nocrits, nogifts, payload, replays, respawntimes, southern
{SCG} Vanilla -> Testing/Training | Furry
0 / 32 players

gamemode "training"
region "North America"
alltalk, cross, eventmix, furries, furry, gaming, increased_maxplayers, nocrits, nogifts, respawntimes, southern

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You can apply at the request center. Help can be requested on the forum or in this Discord channel.