Lets play with us. A bunch of gamemodes, a bunch of servers. Trade, MvM, CTF, Custom Modes. Play 4 fun? Play MochilaBR.

Also we have some nice Friendly Community Servers Nemesis - Freak Fortress 2 NAVY SEALS - Jail Break

TF2 Servers from Brazil and U.S. plus a lot of other games ...

75 player(s) in-game
12 servers
slender, ctf, trading, randomizer, versus-saxton-hale, payload, koth, x10, mvm


Verified official gamservers from


MochilaBR - MULTIMOD | Slender Frotress +14 MODOS
21 / 24 players

gamemode "slender" (multi-mode)
region "South America"
MochilaBR - 2 Fort 4 Ever +GameME TOP5
21 / 24 players

gamemode "ctf"
region "South America"
2fort, 4fun, Duels, birthday, brasil, ctf, gameME, mob, mochila, nocrits, norespawntime, rtd, stom, store, vip
MochilaBR - Turbine 4 Ever +GameME TOP5
14 / 24 players

gamemode "ctf"
region "South America"
4fun, Duels, birthday, brasil, ctf, gameME, maxcaps, mob, mochila, nocrits, norespawntime, resize, rtd, stomp, store, turbine, vip
10 / 24 players

gamemode "trading, randomizer"
region "South America"
4fun, Duels, alltalk, backp, birthday, brasil, gravity, minecraft, mochila, nocrits, norespawntime, randomizer, rtd, spell, stomp, store, trade
> NEMESIS < [# 01] [FREAK FORTRESS] - Premios em REF, Rodada 5
9 / 24 players

gamemode "versus-saxton-hale"
region "South America"
alltalk, arena,, birthday, nogifts, stomp
Brasil Fortress Halloween 2018 - Prolander
0 / 19 players

gamemode "payload"
region "South America"
nocrits, payload
Posso De Tristeza [4fun/trade]
0 / 16 players

gamemode "koth, trading"
region "South America"
Duels, alltalk, cp, nocrits, norespawntime, respawntimes
MochilaBR - Mann Vs Machine X10 + Wave30
0 / 10 players

gamemode "x10, mvm"
region "South America"
norespawntime, birthday, alltalk, MoB, MochilaBR, brasil, mann, mibbs, mob, mochila, mochilabr, mvm, teamfortresss, x10

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