Festive World

Servers with festive theme in mind. No unusual, taunt or other free plugins, just fun and enjoyable moments.

0 player(s) in-game
9 servers / Europe
trading, versus-saxton-hale, dodgeball, mvm, breakout, ctf


Verified official gamservers from Festive World.


Festive World | Trade
0 / 32 players

gamemode "trading"
region "Europe"
alltalk, classic, community, festive, festive world, fun, gravity, increased_maxplayers, map, minecraft, norespawntime, og, og, respawntimes
Festive World | Freak Fortress 2
0 / 32 players

gamemode "versus-saxton-hale"
region "Europe"
alltalk, arena, boss, community, festive, festive world, ff2, freak fortress 2, gentle spy, increased_maxplayers, norespawn, norespawntime
Festive World | Dodgeball
0 / 32 players
(1 bots)

gamemode "dodgeball"
region "Europe"
airblast, alltalk, arena, ball, bots, community, dodgeball, festive, festive world, fun, hell, increased_maxplayers, pyro, rocket, world
Festive World | Wave 666
0 / 6 players

gamemode "mvm"
region "Europe"
666, alltalk, community, festive, festive world, fun, hell, mvm, norespawntime, respawntimes, vanilla, wave, wave 666
Festive World | Jailbreak
0 / 32 players

gamemode "breakout"
region "Europe"
alltalk, arena, community, crits, festive, festive world, fun, increased_maxplayers, jailbreak, world
Festive World | 2fort 24/7
0 / 32 players

gamemode "ctf"
region "Europe"
24/7, 2fort, alltalk, community, ctf, festive, festive world, free, fun, increased_maxplayers, items, map, meme, norespawntime, respawntimes

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