On-call SFM Thumbnail guy, with a side of opinionated content.
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I’m one of those YouTube thumbnail makers, with most of my notable works commissioned by Muselk, and other TF2 people. I spend most of my time on twitter, and managing the Teamsource Discord Server.

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[TF2] The Art Community Rant
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[TF2] The Art Community Rant
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[TF2] MvM Guide: Getting Started

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Welcome to PropHunt Harvest

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Worked together with these TF2 YouTubers to create a video.
TF2 - Edited montages, awesome moments, update videos, songs...
Animations to entertain and teach the community a thing or t...
I should probably write a proper description.
Makes v a r i o u s things
I make videos on a hat simulator.


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