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I make animations in both sfm and adobe animate, previously called flash. Each video I upload I trys to be better than the last. Generally my channel is kind of a mess. I like to do a lot of things. The most notable are sfm/photoshop tutorials, and tf2 joke videos.

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(05:30) (1 year ago)
SFM Making Your Own Valve Portrait
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(05:30) (1 year ago)
SFM Making Your Own Valve Portrait
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(02:48) (1 year ago)
Is SFM easy to learn?

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Steg's Channel Trailer

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yeet level high
hi, I'm hoo :3 I hope bring happiness for my arts!
Hey there! I'm Dooms, I'm just some bloke from the UK who li...
I don't post a lot, but when I do post I generally put a lot...


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