Obsessive gamer who just likes to make videos on Youtube.
Casual Birmingham, United Kingdom English language 13y 5m Scout


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Videos made 857 videos
TF2 videos made 214 videos (25% of all videos)
TF2 views 132,120 views (17% of all views)
TF2 comments 2,603 comments
Subscribers 3,760 subscribers
+230 in last 6 months

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(02:34) (5 years ago)
[SFM] Half Life Ending
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(02:34) (5 years ago)
[SFM] Half Life Ending
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(02:34) (5 years ago)
[SFM] Half Life Ending

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Hogs of War | Channel Trailer

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Hello, my name is Cinnabar. I know things about TF2 kinda.
Old channel with a lot of MLG-based content.
Your friendly neighbourhood scientist TF2ber Teemo!
The Hypest TF2 Channel Around!
Not your everyday schmuck
Luckiest TF2 Player on youtube!


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(02:34) (5 years ago)
[SFM] Half Life Ending