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I'm Jack Stringer, and this is my personal museum, a home to exaggerated but mediocre videography, contrived memes and unnecessary layers of irony. You'll get to experience what it feels like to sit for hours on end listening to a man with Autism Spectrum Disorder ramble about video games and his superiority, with no way to drown out the noise. I also have free beverages, including the poor souls I leech off of, and the overwhelming sensation that YouTube is collapsing beneath us. Welcome to hell, my friends.

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(11:45) (2 years ago)
TF2: Weapon Stereotypes in Zombie Survival (OUTDATED)
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(11:45) (2 years ago)
TF2: Weapon Stereotypes in Zombie Survival (OUTDATED)
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(02:30) (4 years ago)
TF2: Axing the HHH

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