I used to make good TF2 content. Got no idea what I do now.
Casual Australia English language 10y 3m Engineer


Well well, who do we have here? You appear to have stumbled into my world of mediocre videography. In any case, welcome! I'm Jack5, and you should subscribe to see what I get up to next.

If you'd like to reach out to me, my Discord server is a great place to hang out with me and my fans.

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◥◣◥◣ 5TH PLANET | Stock + Wacky Maps 24/7 | Los Angeles
0 / 32 players

gamemode "payload-race"
region "North America"
jack5, 5thplanet, alltalk, casual, event, fortressblast, increased_maxplayers, koth, nocrits, payload, pl, plr, wacky, weird, youtube

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[TF2] Weapon Balances in Zombie Survival
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(08:53) (2 years ago)
[TF2] Weapon Balances in Zombie Survival

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Hi. I am a human being from Planet Earth.
Just another YouTube channel. Look at the videos guy.


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