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Hey Captain Ash here! My channel is a variety gaming channel with a heavy focus on TF2 content! I like to make videos in the style of live commentaries of old! "Let's play" style content of games, as well as shenanigans with friends!

Oh I also a do am impression of the TF2 Soldier, you can fine several videos of it on my channels. To give a answer as to how I got to where I am with it, I dedicated almost all of my free time from 2014-2017 to the study of Rick May's voice. Not just the Soldier, but all his voice work, so I could study his method of voice acting typical approach to lines. I then proceeded to listen to every single second of recorded voice lines for Soldier and repeated them back, time after time until I got it nearly perfect. I have literal years worth of pratice time in this voice. Any second I got, and I mean ANNNNNY second of time to practice I did. I would for-go music in my car to instead listen to Soldier voice lines to just memorize them and try and copy the voice.

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