Map tfdb_blucourt_intox

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Setup notifications for this map. #04 | Dodgeball
13 / 20 players

gamemode "dodgeball"
region "Europe"
arena, respawntimes, alltalk, anime, brony, db, dodgeball, fastdl, gametracker, panda, panda community,, reddit, rocketb | Pandemic Dodgeball
4 / 18 players

gamemode "dodgeball"
region "North America"
alltalk, arena, custom, d, db, dodgeball, eu, fastdl, halloween, instantrespawn, panda, pdc, sounds, stats, uk, wpeu
[HK] Doctor server | Dodgeball Practice |- 躲避球練習 -
1 / 20 players

gamemode "dodgeball"
region "Asia"
Doctor, TF2Stats, alltalk, arena, dodgeball, tfdb