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The Weapon Demonstration Project's goal is to build a complete library of videos demonstrating the various aspects of all weapons, game mechanics, tools, and taunts in Team Fortress 2.

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Videos made 495 videos
TF2 videos made 490 videos (99% of all videos)
TF2 views 141,315,428 views (99% of all views)
TF2 comments 223,454 comments
Subscribers 214,000 subscribers
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Most liked TF2 video:
(01:13) (13 years ago)
Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack | Main Theme
Most disliked TF2 video:
(01:44) (8 years ago)
Weapon Demonstration: Fan O'War
First known TF2 video:
(03:23) (13 years ago)
Team Fortress 2 | Meet the Spy (Russian)

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