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Casual West Yorkshire, United Kingdom English language 10y 2m Engineer


A Youtube Content Creator that usually makes content on Slender Fortress or Monster Hunter Frontier.

My SF content normally consists of a Parted Series of Random Rounds, Map Montages, Surviving with Odie (Boss, Map & Special Round insights) & Special Round Videos (Showcasing rounds of certain special round selections).

Unusuals ~70 keys in total


Personal gameserver

Glubbable's EU #1 | Slender Fortress
3 / 32 players
(5 bots)

gamemode "slender"
region "Europe"
alltalk, bots, friendlyfire, increased_maxplayers, norespawntime, respawntimes, sf2, slender

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Videos made 1065 videos
TF2 videos made 296 videos (28% of all videos)
TF2 views 107,622 views (38% of all views)
TF2 comments 2,132 comments
Subscribers 1,640 subscribers
+110 in last 6 months

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(12:45) (5 years ago)
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