Hello, I play sniper in Team Fortress 2. I stream more than I upload video so check out my Twitch channel if you're interested.
Competitive Carrickfergus, United Kingdom English language 11y 2m Sniper


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(38:35) (2 years ago)
ETF2L High Week 2 Product - Sniper POV
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(30:03) (2 years ago)
ETF2L High Week 2 Gullywash - Sniper POV
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(26:04) (3 years ago)
Very Serious ETF2L Experimental Highlander Cup #8

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Frag movies + some videos where I pretend to be funny
Competitive TF2 player, streamer, caster, trader and collect...
A regular mann who likes to play (and commentate) TF2.
Sometimes makes funny videos.
TF2 is a pretty cool game!
Weapon/Cosmetic Reviews, How-To's, Update Discussions, Engi...
A Heavy main YouTuber and overall nerd.
I'm not wearing hockey pads!


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