I am a Youtuber who likes to Youtube.
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Videos made 153 videos
TF2 videos made 125 videos (82% of all videos)
TF2 views 8,652,863 views (94% of all views)
TF2 comments 30,864 comments
Subscribers 42,700 subscribers
-1,200 in last 6 months

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Most liked TF2 video:
(10:05) (4 years ago)
TF2 - Interactive Signs (Do They Work?)
Most disliked TF2 video:
(02:37) (1 month ago)
Ash Floren - pretty thing | Prod Whxtesvpra (Out On All Platforms)
First known TF2 video:
(03:04) (5 years ago)
TF2 - Lets Name Weapons | Scout Weapon Names

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