I edit videos of video games mostly tf2
Competitive United Kingdom English language 10y 3m Spy


An English spy main who used to edit casual frag movies for fun since 2012. I then decided to get into the competitive scene and have been playing spy in highlander for several years.

Unusuals ~70 keys in total


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Videos made 104 videos
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Most liked TF2 video:
(02:43) (2 weeks ago)
TF2 - The Spy Class in a Nutshell
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(04:24) (1 month ago)
HARD - TF2 Spy Frag Movie
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(04:24) (1 month ago)
HARD - TF2 Spy Frag Movie

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(02:27) (2 years ago)
Runaway - Spy Frags

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