Erdamon The Owl Sniper

Yes, I am that darn owl
Animation Krakow, Poland English language 6y 1m Sniper


I'm a polish teen who likes to identify as an Owl on social media and make TF2 animations.

I personally like to make animations that carry a coherent and enjoyable story alongside the visuals instead of making le funny gmod faces the focus. I'd say it pays off given I get to do both things I like (animation and storytelling).

(I know that I've marked gmod as one of my proffesions when all I have is a crappy 1 second animation, but something really good is coming, trust me)

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Sat 26 August 2017
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Worked together with these TF2 YouTubers to create a video.
I make gmod and sfm animations that are mostly senseless com...
Garry's Mod videos with a focus on animation quality.


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