I made TF2 Sandbox, also a casual player.
Casual Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam English language 10y 0m Pyro


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Unusuals ~10 keys in total


Personal gameserver

「MODDAGE」TF2 Sandbox - USA - FastDL
0 / 24 players

gamemode "trading"
region "North America"
SandBox_Addons, alltalk, bhop, friendlyfire, fun, gravity, moddage, norespawntime, rocket, sandbox, tf2sb, trade

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Some fun on my TF2 Sandbox server :D
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TF2 Sandbox - Building & Answering questions! (Day 7)
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(15:12) (4 years ago)
[TF2] Play with GEWP - Slender Hunger Game??

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Chromium on the PineTab

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