API / for web developers

This page lists some utilities / API calls that anyone can use to request information about Community servers.

Image Community Server banner

Embed images of your TF2 gameserver directly in your website / forum signature:


You can insert this into your website/blog like the following:
<a href="steam://connect/IP:PORT">
	<img src="https://teamwork.tf/community/quickplay/IP:PORT/675x125.png" />

Note that if the server is empty, and it is not registered as one of a community server provider, teamwork.tf cannot display things like map or hostname.

JSON Community Server Provider information

Query information about a community server provider. We also provide live statistics of server occupation.

For example:
https://teamwork.tf/community/provider/vaticancity.json which yields:
    "id": "vaticancity",
    "name": "Vatican City",
    "description": "Some description with markdown",
    "website": "http://www.the-vaticancity.com/",
    "rules_url": "",
    "steam_group_url": "https://steamcommunity.com/groups/thevaticancity",
    "location_focus": "",
    "statistics": "https://teamwork.tf/community/provider/vaticancity/stats.json",
    "image": "https://teamwork.tf/images/providers/community/vaticancity.png"

https://teamwork.tf/community/provider/vaticancity/stats.json which yields:

    "players": 124,
    "regions_with_players": [
        "North America",
    "gamemodes": [
    "servers": [
            "ip": "",
            "port": 27015